For a Healthier House and a Happier Home

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Looking through my magazine intended for parental audiences, I discovered this ad.  Okay, it wasn’t  this exact ad but I couldn’t find the exact ad and this one is very similar with the same message.ea0fa4d0eee3800745316884c8216432

 Don’t we all look this happy when we’re cleaning?

Modern marketing has warped our minds and lead us to believe that if we use certain products, our lives will be “healthier and happier.”  Well, here’s what healthier and happier can get you:

  • Skin Damage: Undiluted bleach is corrosive. Even domestic bleach damages skin tissues and removes essential fats. During extended contact, small amounts of toxic chlorine may enter the body through the skin.
  • Lung Damage: It is relatively easy accidentally to mix bleach, used in cleaning, with other cleaning products–for example in the toilet, sink or drain. Mixing bleach with ammonia is particularly hazardous, releasing chlorine gas, ammonia gas and chloramines. Because urine contains ammonia, the use of chlorine bleach to clean bathrooms is a common source of chlorine and ammonia release. These gases are caustic and irritating, and inhalation damages the lungs and nasal passages. Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia gas for longer than 15 to 30 minutes can lead to irreversible damage, even death.
  • Explosion: More likely to occur in an industrial than a domestic setting, ammonia mixed with bleach in higher proportion may form nitrogen trichloride or hydrazine, both of which are explosive. Exposure to hydrazine causes burning pain in the eyes, nose and throat, headache, dizziness, and ultimately seizures or coma.


Since 1913 we’ve been lead to believe that bleach was a “home defense against invisible germ dangers”

Chlorine bleach is not a necessary product in any home.  Baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide clean and disinfect just as effectively, but not according to  They state “Precaution should always be taken when using any household cleaning product.  Bleach is safe when used as directed. It is very important that people follow the precautionary statements on our package and keep all cleaners out of the reach of our children.”  Thanks for the warning but I’d rather not risk it and choose safer alternatives in my home.   Sure I can use safe guards but safe guards aren’t needed if the source isn’t present.

Have you checked out Norwex’s products that clean and disinfect with just water?  They can be viewed here!

Thank you to Demand Media, Inc. and for contributing information to this article.

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