Review: ItzaBag reusable produce bags

I am so excited to tell you all about one of my favorite products, the Itzabag  reusable produce bags!  I purchased the Family Size Starter set about a year ago and since the launch of my blog, I’ve decided to share my review about them.  I received the bags in a very timely manner and they were packaged very professionally.  Communication from the vendor was great, shipping cost was reasonable and I was  sent a tracking number so I knew when to expect them via USPS.


I received 6 bags with the family size starter set (shown above).  There were 2 large white bags which measure 11 inches by 17 inches, 2 medium blue bags which measure 11 inches by 7 inches and 2 small green bags which are 7 inches by 8 inches.  They are made of nylon net with a drawstring closure at the top.  The price of the family size starter pack was a reasonable $10 for all 6 bags.

I hate using the plastic produce bags that are provided at the grocery store.  They always rip and they just create more waste in our landfill if not recycled properly and they don’t hold very much either!  Itzabag is a wonderful solution to the plastic produce bag problem.  I take my Itzabags to my local grocery store on my weekly shopping trips.  I usually can fit small lemons in the small bags, a few apples and/or tomatoes in the medium bags and when I visited our local farmers market in the summer, I was able to fit 6 ears of corn in the large bag!   The best thing about the bags is that in the checkout lane, the cashier doesn’t have to remove the product from the bag in order to read the barcode sticker label on the produce.   Other produce bags on the market (or flour sack bags) are hard for the cashiers to read through.  These are much more convenient!  I get comments on them all the time in the checkout line!  After I’ve put my groceries away, I just store the Itzabags with my resusable shopping bags so they are ready to go for the next trip.  I have also taken them to our local pool to put pool toys in.  The toys are allowed to breathe and dry out easily.

I have washed my bags several times over the past year according to the directions listed on the page.
The bags are machine washable, tumble dry low heat. Do not iron.  I usually just hand wash mine in the kitchen sink and let them air dry on my Norwex dish drying mat.  They have held up very well and they are very good quality!

Itzabag also offers each size of the bags to purchase individually as well as Reusable Eco-Friendly Lunch and snack Bags.  Their lunch bags (shown below) come in a variety of sizes and adorable prints and feature zipper closures!  The zipper closures are much easier for little hands to operate versus others on the market which use a Velcro-like closure.  They are water-resistant so they will hold damp food or objects but they will not contain liquid.  The prices for the snack bags are so reasonable from $4.50-$5.50.

itzabag2         itza3

Great tip: I have the travel pack of the Norwex antibacterial Envirocloth which I keep in my diaper bag, pre-moistened in a snack bag.  The snack bag is water proof and I the Envirocloth won’t mold or mildew due to its antibacterial properties.  I simply use the damp Envirocloth to wipe my daughter’s hands instead of using hand sanitizer or I wipe down the restaurant high chair/table.  You can get info about the Norwex antibac Envirocloth travel pack by clicking here.

You can find all of these wonderful Itzabag products and more at the following web address:

All opinions expressed here are my very own.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  All pictures are courtesy of Itzabag.


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