Get a “Swiff” of this!

Did you know that a well known brand of disposable electro-static dusters contain MINERAL OIL and/or WAX which have been known to cause respiratory problems and skin irritation/allergies?  The wax and oils build up, attracting more dust leading you to use their product more often!   The purchase of the Norwex antibacterial dusting mitt just needs be used 23 times to equal the cost of one box of disposable dusters!  The disposables also clog up our landfills too!


The least expensive price I could find for a refill box of disposable dusters came to about .72 per duster ($11.47 for a 16 count box).  If you were to dust once a week using just one disposable duster (often we use more than one when dusting in different rooms), that would last you about 16 weeks.  The Norwex antibacterial dusting mitt will pay for itself in just 23 uses at .72 per use.  What a bargain!  Also, it’s guaranteed to last for 2 years!  If you dust once a week for two years, that’s 104 uses and at $16.99, that is .16 per use!  That’s a 78% savings!!!  All you have to do is wash it with your regular [lint-free] laundry and reuse next time!  (Never use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets on any microfiber product as it can build-up and make the fibers less absorbent.)

If you have a little one that loves to help clean, there’s also an antibacterial dusting mitt for them too!


The Norwex antibacterial Dusting Mitts can be found here!

Do you have a Norwex Antibac Dusting Mitt?  Share your love for it below!

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