Recycling an old breast pump is ALOT hard than I thought it was going to be!

I have an old Medela Pump in Style breast pump that I need to dispose of.  I contacted the company for guidance of what to do with it:

“I have an old Medela Pump in Style from 2001 and am not sure how to dispose of it.  Can it be donated or recycled in any way?  I am environmentally conscious and  really don’t want to see it end up in a landfill…”


And here was their response:

“Thank you for contacting Medela. We always welcome your comments and inquiries and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns.
Because of the way the pump is registered with the FDA, as a single-user medical device, we (Medela) cannot recycle the pumps for another user.
Medela external pump parts can all be disposed of in your curb side recycling bin.  The pump motor can be disposed of in the same manner you would any other small household appliance.
We hope this information is helpful.”

I’m not taking this thing apart!  Now what!?  Why does trying to do the right thing always prove to be so difficult!?  I think customers should send back their old pumps and let THEM figure out what to do with them!  Although, I’m pretty sure they’d just trash them.  COME ON MEDELA!  GET IT TOGETHER!


4 thoughts on “Recycling an old breast pump is ALOT hard than I thought it was going to be!

  1. It really wouldn’t be that difficult to take a part, all they are saying is the tubing, bottles, and horns can be thrown in the trash. And the part that is attached to the bag should be recycled with appliances. So all you would need to do is remove the motor from the bag. Easy!
    Also, even if they could be used by another mother, they aren’t made well enough to be used for a long period of time. New mothers should have new pumps to insure that supply isn’t affected. There is a reason why a hospital pump that can be used by several people is $1500+ and a pump in style is $250.

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