Junain Natural Bath and Body Care Review & Giveaway

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Junain offers a line of personal care products that are great awesome for the entire family and are naturally luxurious.

 Nothing artificial – No chemical preservatives

No petroleum byproducts – No synthetic fragrances

Just  Natural Ingredients

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You can enter to win a prize pack from Junain below!

All of Junain’s products are handcrafted in small batches resulting in a higher quality product.
You won’t find water as an ingredient in the majority of their creations.  A few of the quality ingredients used are dried flowers, herbs, roots, nut butters, plant oils and essential oils.  Many of the ingredients are organic, some wild harvested and all are always natural.

If you are making the choice that what you put on your body is as natural as what you put in your body, junain is the choice for you!


For my review, I’ve chosen to tell you about Junain’s

Calendula Cream, Calendula Salve and Lavender Flower Sugar Scrub.

 First up is my number one favorite product that Junain offers.  It is the Calendula Cream.

Made from “Calendula officinalis” also known as marigold, it has been used for centuries to heal wounds and skin irritations. Calendula has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, antiviral, and immunostimulant properties making it useful for disinfecting and treating minor wounds, conjunctivitis, cuts, scrapes, chapped or chafed  skin, bruises, burns, athlete’s foot, acne, yeast infections, bee stings, diaper rashes, and other minor irritations and infections of the skin.  Plus, it stimulates the production of collagen at wound sites to help minimize scarring and assist with stretch marks.  It is also gentle enough to use for babies, children, or animals.”

Junain C Cream

Marigold!  Yep, that orangeish/yellowish flower!  Who knew it was so great!?!?

I was using a store bought brand of Calendula Cream until I discovered Junain and tried out their version when my daughter was only 4 months old.  I love Junain’s sooo much better because it doesn’t absorb as quickly into the skin, it’s not too powerful of a scent and it doesn’t feel greasy on mine or my daughter’s skin.  I use it after every bath to retain moisture, on chapped cheeks in the winter time and on my daughter’s diaper area as needed

Junain’s Calendula Cream contains Calendula Infused Grape Seed Oil, Calendula Infused Kpagnan Butter, and Calendula Infused Beeswax.  A 2 oz jar is priced at only $6.00. (Compared to the $22 for a 4 oz jar that I was spending on the store bought brand before) I always have about 3-4 jars of these on hand!  One for the diaper bag, one for the changing table upstairs and one for downstairs.  I just can’t do without it!


Next up for my second favorite Junain product is the Calendula SalveThe difference between the cream and the salve is, well, the cream is creamier due to it containing one additional ingredient; Kpagnan Butter.  The advantage of the cream is that it moisturizes a bit more than the salve so it is more for “all-purpose” use all over the body.  The salve, is for more specific uses such as minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, bruises, diaper rash, burns, etc.  I use it on my daughter’s diaper rash and it clears up within a day.  I also picked up a hot casserole dish (pretty much straight out of the oven) and I believe that applying the salve immediately helped lessen the effects of the burn.  I didn’t get any blistering, hardly even any redness.  You really couldn’t even tell the next day!  I’ve already used it on a few scraped knees/toes this year and will probably need a lot more to get me through the summer!


Junain’s Calendula Salve contains Calendula Infused Grape Seed Oil, and Calendula Infused Beeswax.  A 1 oz tin is priced at only $4.00.


And finally for my last favorite product from Junain, is their Lavender Flower Sugar Scrub.

Sugar Scrubs are made with white or brown sugars. Unlike many sugar scrubs these contain both oils and butters which create a thicker, richer product. I infuse both the sugar and oils with flowers and/or herbs which provide the natural benefits and add to the beauty of the product. I also grind the flowers and herbs into a fine powder
and add them to some of the sugar mixtures. They can be used daily if desired. I use them in the shower daily to keep my skin soft and smooth. I also found them to be a great replacement for shaving cream for your legs! Rub gently onto your legs, rinse the sugar away and shave.
It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time.

Junain S Scrub

~All of Junain’s Sugar Scrubs can be made vegan upon request~

Of course, this one of the products I don’t use on my daughter.  She’s already sweet enough!  I save this one for after she’s tucked in bed and I need a little “Mommy time.”  The lavender scent is truly relaxing in a hot shower and I love massaging the scrub into my tired legs and feet!

Junain’s Lavender Flower Sugar Scrub contains White Sugar; Apricot Kernel Oil & Sweet Almond Oil; Mango & Kokum Butters; Ground Organic Lavender Flowers; Organic Refined Coconut Oil; Organic Raw Honey; Organic Rosemary Antioxidant; Vitamin E Oil; Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil
An 8 oz jar is priced at only $7.00.


Junain was so generous and kind to offer a Natural Body Care prize pack to one lucky winner which includes a 2 oz jar of Calendula Cream, a 1 oz tin of Calendula Salve and a 8 oz jar of a Salt or Sugar scrub of your choice!  Prize pack value is $17.  This may not seem like much, but her prices are REALLY reasonable!

Click HERE
to enter to win.

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And now for all the legal fine print stuff: winner must “like” the Facebook pages of Junain & The Going Green Guide.  Giveaway prize will be shipped to US only and will be shipped directly from Junain.  Giveaway entries will be accepted through 6/10/13 at 11:59pm.  Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter within 48 hours of giveaway end.  Winner will be notified via email and the winner’s first name and last initial will be posted on The Going Green Guide. Winner must respond to email to claim prize within 48 hours of email sent time or a new winner will be selected.  Must be 18 or older to win. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to your Going Green Guide at thisgreenguide@yahoo.com.


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