5 Easy Steps: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Step 1: Avoid Pesticides


Pesticides have been linked to a range of health problems, including cancer, asthma, hyperactivity and behavior problems, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders, and compromised brain development.  Non-toxic remedies and solutions are safer and just as effective.  Soapy water to kill ants or boiling water to kill weeds are a few alternatives.  Remove shoes to avoid tracking pesticides into your home. Pests can be prevented with good sanitation! 

Step 2: Use non-toxic products


norwex 1(2)

Easier said than done, which is why I have this blog.  Everyday products like cleaners, body care items and even furnishings and toys contain thousands of chemicals–many linked to health risks.  What’s in them ends up in you so read labels and ask questions about the ingredients in your household and personal care items–or even try making your own!  If there is no list of ingredients, call the manufacturer (phone calls tend to yield a better response than emails) or buy from a company that practices transparency. For more information and articles related to using non-toxic products, click here.

Step 3: Clean up indoor air


Indoor air is typically more polluted than outdoor, and household chemicals can be a major source of indoor air pollution.  Open windows whenever possible to ventilate and freshen air naturally by growing houseplants. For more tips about cleaning up your indoor air, click here.

Step 4: Eat Healthy

Our modern diet is laced with chemicals-from pesiticides uded on frams to sunthetic additives and preservatives.  Choose USDA certified organic option and foods with the fewest ingredients (whole foods are best).   For more great tips about making healthier food choices, click here.

Step 5: Be wise with plastics


Many plastics are made with toxic chemicals that can leach into your food and beverages or release into your air.  Use alternatives to plastic such as glass or stainless steel as much as possible and use safer plastics when necessary.  For more tips about reducing the use of plastics in your home, click here.


I want to thank Healthy Child Healthy World for providing me with the information to be able to write this post.  The information from this post mostly comes from HCHW and I have interjected my own thoughts as applicable.


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