Conscious Box

I love trying new products but I HATE wasting money on products that I end up not loving after I try them.  I hate wasting money and product!  Conscious Box is the perfect solution!  Every month I receive a little cute, preciously packaged box filled with all kinds of goodies from companies that are as earth conscious, eco-friendly, green, ethical and sustainable as I am (or as I try to be).  If you love trying new products like I do and are always searching for new ones to try, Conscious Box is a great way to try them all!


Do you know how safe are the products you use?

  • Do you know how it’s made?
  • Do you really know what’s in it?
  • Do you know which brands to trust?
Conscious Box finds the best products.

  • Pure, non-toxic and sustainable.
  • Hand selected by experts.
  • Natural products & brands you can trust.
You discover new favorites.

  • Different products every month.
  • Live healthy & sustainably.
  • Get discounts to buy your favorites.

Every month I will give you a run down of what was included in each box for that month.  If I tried the product, I’ll let you know what I thought.  If I didn’t try it, I obviously won’t review it.  Are you a Conscious Box subscriber?  Did you try the product listed?  Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!  I’d love to know if others had the same opinion or experience as I had!

Interested in getting a preciously packaged Conscious Box of goodies every month like I do?  You can sign up here an there’s no commitment!  Discover the best of the planet with Conscious Box!

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