A reader recently asked for some suggestions of ways to be green and save money at the same time.

Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Breastfeed (if you’re a female and you’re a mom of course) 😉
  • Make own cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, personal care items.  Including but not limited to: laundry detergent/soap, shower cleaner, hand sanitizer, fruit & veggie wash, room sprays, furniture polish
  • Cloth diaper (even part time saves $$$!  On average, every disposable diaper costs anywhere from .25-.35 each so using a cloth diaper for two diaper changes a day can save you about $250 a year!)
  • Use cloth baby wipes (you have to wash those cloth diapers anyways…so why not wash the wipes too!?)
  • Use essential oils to deodorize and refresh
  • Hack your swiffer wet jet that you used once upon a time.
  • Stop using swiffers.  Use launder-able cleaning cloths.
  • Clean with JUST WATER!  (read more here)
  • Forget about disposable products in general.  Cutlery, paper plates, paper towels, plastic storage bags, cups
  • Check your local utility companies to see if they have incentive programs for going green to conservation
  • Buy second hand.
  • Invest in a stainless steel drinking vessel.  The insulated ones are the best!
  • Don’t use pesticides!  Soapy water to kill ants or boiling water to kill weeds are a few alternatives.
  • Use houseplants to clean up your indoor air.
  • Grow a garden.

What would you add to this list?


4 thoughts on “Going…Going…GREEN!

  1. Great post! We’ve started using Norwex microfiber cleaning cloths for dusting and all our other cleaning. They kill the germs and you can wash them and resue them. They’ve been a great way for us to save money!

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  3. I’ve made reusable “swiffer” cloths out of microfleece that tuck right into our existing swiffer. That way you can use the handle still, but you don’t have to buy (or throw away) those darn dusting cloths.

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