Cloth Diapering – our nighttime system


In my discussions about cloth diapering with a few different moms, I realized that many were still using disposable diapers at night, so I thought I’d share our nighttime diaper solution for a VERY heavy wetter, 12 hour sleeper with sensitive skin!

My daughter would soak through regular cloth diapers, no matter how many microfiber inserts I added.  Every morning she would wake with cold, wet pajamas and bed sheets.  It took me awhile to realize through many trial and errors that it wasn’t the number of inserts that was the problem, it was the blend of materials.  In addition to her waking up soaked, she also would wake up with an ammonia burn on her little bottom.  It kind of looked like a little sun burn.  I attributed it to the wetness being up against her skin for too long, thus creating an ammonia burn.  Ammonia is naturally present in urine.

To make my explanation easy, I have numbered a picture to break down what exactly our 5 layer nighttime system is composed of and an explanation of why.


Here’s a quick run down of our 5 layers:

1.  Pocket Diaper (one size) with a 2 layer microfiber built-in insert

2.  2 layer Bamboo insert (more absorbent than microfiber)

3.  Hemp flat insert (more absorbent than bamboo & microfiber)

4.  Synthetic Micro-fleece Liner (protection barrier)

We specifically use all these inserts IN THIS ORDER for reasons listed below.

1. The Pocket Diaper & Microfiber built-in insert- the whole reason I love pocket diapers is because you can customize your absorbancy.  This particular diaper is by an Australian brand called Bum Cheeks.  I took advantage of them being on  These are awesome because there is a built-in 2 layer microfiber insert on the inside of the pocket.  I’ve never had any problems with trying to clean them or with them being stinky or staining.  This is a one size diaper that still fits my daughter at 26 months (8-35lbs).  The microfiber is fastest absorbing versus the other layers so that’s why it’s the first layer.  I paid $14.99 per diaper which came with the bamboo insert listed below.


Hidden Microfiber layers

2.  Bamboo insert- 2 layers of bamboo, which you fold in half to stuff for a total of 4 layers.  I like these inserts that came with the diaper because they snap together when folded in half, they dry quickly (for bamboo) and are naturally anti-bacterial and lightweight.  After the microfiber layer, bamboo is the second fastest absorbing so whatever the above microfiber can’t contain, will be absorbed by the bamboo layer.  Bamboo is more absorbent than microfiber.


Unfolded Bamboo Layer


Folded Bamboo Layer








3.  Hemp flat insert- the type of Hemp insert I like to use is a flat by Cotton Babies called Hemp Babies.  It’s a 55% Hemp, 45% Certified Organic Cotton blend.  To fit inside the pocket diaper, I fold it into thirds and place behind the bamboo layer.  So, whatever the microfiber and bamboo don’t absorb, the hemp is sure to do the job.  Bamboo absorbs faster than hemp, so the hemp is pretty much just the last catch-all.  Hemp is even more absorbent than microfiber and bamboo and is still anti-bacterial and lightweight.


Hemp Flat Layer

4.  Synthetic Micro-fleece Liner- the micro-fleece liner is on the outside of the pocket and it’s the layer that’s against the skin.  The fleece is a great moisture barrier between the diaper and the skin because it doesn’t absorb any moisture.  The brand I use are called Little Comfort which you can purchase from The Joyful Giraffe.


Synthetic Fleece Liner


So when all is said and done, your stuffed diaper should look like this:


Bamboo & Hemp layers


Synthetic Fleece Liner

I hope this nighttime, heavy-wetter, sensitive skin solution is helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!


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